About Us

We are a British owned and operated escort firm with in excess of ten years experience in the Spanish industry. Our first and also foremost focus is to make certain that every encounter between a client and one of the escorts we represent is risk-free and that everyone gets what they want.. As well as we function very tough making sure that occurs!

Our approach to dealing with customers and also Las Palmas escort girls is consistent. Do our job as professionally and well as possible. But always to maintain a sense of humour and to make everything as fun as possible for all concerned.  We believe that if we treat everyone as a human being and show them respect and consideration, as well as ensuring that everyone has the experience that they want from their time together, then our business will succeed and thrive as both escorts and clients will be keen and happy to come back to us us time and time again. As mission statements go it is not complicated, but it seems to get the job done for us, our clients and the escorts that we represent.